There is a lot going on in the background, a huge thank you to Stone for making all this happen. 

I will try to write down what is new. 

  • Age - There has been much talk about age, and whereas should we die to it. It has been implemented such as you do not age, but you can choose if you want to be Young, Adult, Senior or Old.  See help age for mere info
  • Quest list - has seen much improvements, you can now easily track you're quest
  • Guilds has been massivly improved and now they include Guild Items, that give really good benefits. In the process there has also been made som limitations, see online help files  for you guild by : Help Sorcerer, fighter, paladin etc. Some skills and spells has been improved and some as been removed from some of the guilds, to give it a more roleplay feel. 
  • You can now mail items to others. Go see Hansen in Udgaard og look at his sign.
  • Donation room now stores some of the items over a reboot. 
  • Guild and Faction command has been combined
  • Score and status has been combined 
  • Lots and lots of small bugs has been fixed, some items has been balanced. 
  • There has been implemented some new quests. 
  • All time player score can now be seen at Udgaard Vilage Square by looking at the obelisk. 

I am sure i have not mention all that has been updated, as we continue to improve the mud.